Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Long Way From Home

This latest blog is brought to you from the slightly chilly domain of South Wales. Have been in the UK for 2 days now and just about recovering from the trip over. I swear each time I fly planes get more uncomfortable. Is it just me or does everyone else get a really sore butt after 10 hours on a plane? I had to sit on a cushion from Singapore to London...!
My left knee also totally seized up and is still grizzly, I should really get out and have a run on it, kill or cure! I suspect not today although by tomorrow I'll probably be stir crazy enough to need to get out for at least a short run. Despite my moaning it's great to be back in blighty, albeit for a short visit, will make the most of my holiday week before I head to London and start thinking about work again (which reminds me I really should finish that presentation ....). The wonders of skype on an iPod touch means I've been able to chat to BIP for free despite the fact that I've got my laptop with me - that must count as cool technology in anyone's book :-)


  1. I was in pain after the first 15 hours or so, and then had to face the prospect of sitting down with a sore butt for another 15 hours after that. Pain.

  2. This is one time when being short (five foot), has it's advantages! The thing that annoys me most though is elbow room - I get really worked up when the person next to me puts their elbows all over the arm rest!