Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All in working order

After a few days off nursing my bruises and generally feeling sorry for myself I have managed to get myself up and at it again. Started with a fairly gentle weights session and then did a bit of interval training on the treadmill yesterday. Haven't ventured back out onto the road again yet, but the aim at the moment is to get out for a short(ish) run this afternoon after my physio appointment. Physio is for the ongoing saga of my shoulder which hadn't really got any better, but after the road acrobatics had actually got worse. This is not all bad news, I at least now have an official (ACC worthy) cause which means if this bout of physio doesn't work then I can at least get it progressed to a scan etc. to find out what will actually fix it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day in the US, to celebrate I went out for a run at lunch time today and did something I've never done before, tripped over and splatted myself all over the road. Ow. Luckily as I was airborne some subconscious instinct to not fracture my wrists kicked in and as my hands hit asphalt I managed to roll taking the brunt of the fall on my right hand side - hand, elbow, shoulder, knee. ow. That'll be my right shoulder, the one that's already trashed - ho hum no loss there then. Do you know how difficult it is to get up off the middle of the road when you're winded, a little bit shocked and not quite sure yet which bits hurt and which don't and how seriously? I had to settle for a crawl/shuffle to the kerb and then a sit down on the pavement for a bit while bewildered school children on their lunch break scuttled past nervously. Oh, and to the car drivers who slowed down enough to have a gawk, yes thanks, I'm fine, nothing broken. Did I mention, ow?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cycle and Slump

The post half-marathon slump has arrived as expected and I haven't felt very inclined to do much of anything. Saturday I took advantage of the fact that I didn't have to go for a long run and went out on the bike instead. Did just under an hour with nothing challenging hillwise, and apart from the fact it kept raining on me (and was cold!) it was all good. Was a bit unsure if hockey on Sunday was going to aggrevate my muscle strain but had no problems so it must be pretty much fixed. I avoided marathon clinic last night on the basis that we'd had torrential rains and gales all day and even though it cleared up late afternoon I'd already talked myself into going home and sitting in front of the fire by then. Took a look at the hill profile map for Taupo yesterday - eek! Leg 1 is the worst (the course is split into 4 legs for the sensible people who do it as a relay) with the first 10km being a pretty much constant climb. The good news is if you survive that each leg gets progressively easier. If. I need to get in touch with the people I know who've done it and find out what sort of training they did. Still not 100% committed to doing it but very keen.