Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Back to Marathon Clinic

Hope you all had a good Xmas and that my fellow Kiwis enjoyed the unusually fantastic weather - what a scorcher eh?! For those who had been hanging out to find out what was in the garage it turned out to be a rather fabulous sun lounger - looks great on the new deck and is a great alternative to running :-)
Monday I finally managed to drag myself out of mincepie induced apathy for a 40 min run, which was fine but I had sore legs yesterday as a result, I think because I added a bit of speedwork, it was certainly not hill induced as it was a very flat run. Yesterday, being Tuesday I thought I'd better get myself down to marathon clinic before they sent out a search party. As it turned out there was hardly anyone there - all off at the beach most likely. There were about 10 walkers but only 2 other runners, so it was just me Maurie and USA Peter. I knew I wasn't up to anything major so we went off towards the lake in case the boys were feeling adventurous as they could head off into Frankton from there. As it happened USA Peter was struggling more than me so we all just did a lap of the lake and then headed back, so a not overly rapid 50 mins in all, one hill and a couple of gentle inclines, which suited me fine! Got home to find JB2 had finally responded to my text to let me know she wasn't going to running....! Today my quads are still complaining a little, so I think a few weights this afternoon will do me fine, although BIP is heading out for a run as she needs to start training for master's hockey tournament.


  1. Now if I had a sun lounger like that I'd never want to get off it to go running! What an awesome present!

  2. Lounger looking good & in my mind a fab alternative to running, gets my vote!!

    Jan xx