Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Road Run at Last - Hurray!

What with bad reactions to anti-flams, long summer cycles and late meetings at work (meaning I missed Tueday at mc) I seem to have been doing all of my running on the treadmill lately, so lunchtime today I took advantage of another lovely day and decided to hit the pavements instead. Yesterday was a death by treadmill day, although I have had to up the speed and hill incline as it was no longer living up to its name (in fact it should really be extreme hardship by treadmill at the moment as even with the new speed etc it's not as much of a killer as in ye olde days) but I was feeling fine today so just went out for a short (30 mins) run to see if I could still hack it on the road. Not too shabby actually, I even threw in some speed work on the way back (although slowed down too much on the recovery bits so it took me just as long to get back as it had to go out - doh!). It definitely felt like the first road run for a while - it really is quite different from the treadmill, but was fine (although I did managed to grumble about my shoes on more than once occasion...!). Even managed a few weights when I got back to the gym before my shower. Back to the physio tomorrow to report that since my first visit my shoulder has got noticably worse - not sure this was the intended result.

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