Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hurray for Daylight Saving

With the wild and stormy weather we had yesterday I wasn't at all convinced I was going to get out to the marathon clinic for my run last night. At around 3pm we had the most amazing thunder and lightning storm (accompanied by torrential rain) which culminated in a lightning strike on the lightning conductor on top of our building - if you haven't had the pleasure of that experience let me tell you it is LOUD! There was an almighty bang and flash (followed by several exclamations of "f**k" etc from various offices, then a general milling about in the corridor of nervous academics trying to regain their composure before heading back to their desk to back everything up on their computer!!
Anyway, amazingly the rain stopped, I got to the clinic and we had a 70 minute run in the dry in pleasant temperatures. The added bonus was that the clocks went forward last weekend so it was still light when we finished running - it just made it feel so much nicer! I have to confess to struggling through at least 45 mins of the run, but to be fair the route we took was mainly uphill until the last section so I can be forgiven for that.

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  1. 'Nervous Academics' - lol. Is that a sub-species?