Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Week to Go

The end of my penultimate training week. The weather yesterday was so hideous that I gambled on today being better - forecast was for showers - and saved my last run of the week until today. It had been quite clear and bright first thing so I was hopeful of a fairly dry run, however the 'showers' turned out to be short downpours rather than light sprinkles. Just after I set off there was a torrential downpour for about 3 minutes which was so ridiculously heavy I could barely run I was laughing so much, honestly it was insane! It more or less stayed dry for the rest of the run (in fact the sun was out so I was steaming nicely!) until the last 10 minutes when there was another downpour, just in time as I had more or less dried out! So, that's it for another week and just one week to go until the half-marathon. Current plan is a day off tomorrow, a long run (about 1 and a half hours) on Sunday, day off Monday, an hour with the mc on Tuesday, 50 mins on Weds and then maybe a short, slow jog on Thursday to finish off the week and give myself 2 days off before the event on the Sunday. I'm looking forward to the damn training being over, I can't wait to just be able to go out for a run when I want to rather than having my schedule looming over me -- I guess I'm at that point where I'm just a bit over it :-)

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