Friday, September 4, 2009

Listen to Your Body

Yesterday was a rest day, but I actually turned into a bit of a crock one way and another. I had a really sore back which I think was the result of lifting a hay bale at a funny angle the day before, and also a mystery pain in my lower abdomen which was so non specific even Google couldn't tell me what it was. This morning I woke up feeling ok and took the dogs for a long walk first thing to try and access how everything was feeling and all seemed ok. My back was fine and the pain gone, although it did niggle a bit while walking. My planned run today was a 16km circuit as it's a good long run that I want to get done at least twice before the big day. I got ready but really wasn't feeling great - I assumed it was just my usual pre-run mind-sabotage attempt so headed out. I got about 20 mins before I realised that actually I was not going to make it any further, obviously I need to learn to tell the difference between general run -avoidance and genuine physical inability to do it some days! To make matters worse I then had to walk home which of course took much longer than the 20 mins it had taken me to run to the point where I stopped. So an unexpected rest day which will mean bigger runs later in the week but that's just how it goes I guess, will see how I get on tomorrow and just not worry too much about it.

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